Summer projects 2017

One of the principle ways CUReS hopes to improve research opportunities for Cardiff medical students is to compile a list of academic and clinical staff each year who are enthusiastic and keen to supervise medical student projects during the summer vacation period.

We have successfully allocated 52 projects with over 115 students applying since the Summer Project List scheme began 3 years ago.

For the first time for 2017 we are offering Bangor Projects; as these are not part of Cardiff University there is no secure funding but you are either welcome to seek out external sources of funding (link below) or if you live near bangor do it on a voluntary basis – Bangor may be able to offer funding – If you are interested in undertaking a bangor project email 

The Dr. Subbe Bangor project does have funding under an NHS arrangement so please apply through the normal application for this below.

If you live outside wales and rather do research closer to home, see the funding opportunities document or google ‘summer studentships’ for an extensive list.


All Cardiff University medical students who are interested in undertaking a research project during the 2017 summer vacation period. Funding is provided for 6 weeks at £170/week 

Application process

  • Have a look at the projects list here: CUReS Summer Projects 2017  get in touch with a supervisor if you wish to undertake a specific project
  • If no email address is available for that supervisor, let us know at
  • If you want to design your own project, get in touch with a supervisor of your choice and discuss about undertaking a 6 week project between June -September
  • Once you have found a project/ designed one – fill out this application form:
  • Get your supervisor to co-sign the application form and fill out by  5pm on March 10th 2017 – Email form to scanned or hand in person/post to Lynne Hope, C2 Link,  University Hospital Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff CF14 4XN. Application form: INSPIRE Vacation Studentship 2017 Application Form

Project design

The list provides the supervisors area of interest in which the project will be based and does not indicate the exact title of the research project. It is anticipated that the specific design of projects will be a collaborative process between the supervisor and student, such that each is bespoke to the students’ skill level and interests.

Funding Sources

If you wish to undertake a summer studentship and are looking for information on funding, follow this link: Project Funding Opportunities 2017

The Wellcome Inspire Scheme (Academy of Medical Sciences) and the School of Medicine are offering ‘Vacation Studentships’ for the June to September period. They offer £170/week for 6 weeks to successful applicants doing a research project during that period. The application form is available here.

Current Project List

The project list for 2017 is available here: CUReS Projects List 2017 .

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