Short duration projects

What are short duration projects?

Short duration projects offered by CUReS will allow students to get involved with research during the academic year in locations around Wales. Typically these projects will take no more than 4 months. In addition, the students would only be required to spend small amounts of time on the project each week (e.g. 4 hours a week) which will enable students to participate in these projects even whilst on placement or during lecture weeks.

What will I gain from short duration projects?

For each project there will be a specified goal that the student will achieve at the end such as creation of a poster or contributorship/authorship for a publication. These projects will also give students a taste of what medical research involves and the opportunity to develop skills which will be beneficial in their clinical careers as well as a possible career in research.

How do I get involved?

Descriptions of research projects will be listed on the CUReS website, facebook page and also will be included in the monthly newsletter. An application form will need to be completed for each research project you would like to get involved in. Students will only be able to take part in one short duration research project at time. Please see below for a list of projects currently available. Click on the title of the project to read more and use the button to apply.

Students will be required to be give feedback after the project has finished. This will enable average supervisor feedback to be included with project descriptions to give interested students an idea of which supervisors have provided successful projects in the past. Supervisors will also provide feedback for students which can be used as a demonstration of past performance when applying for new projects and can also be used for their portfolio. After feedback has been received certificates will be provided by CUReS for students and supervisors as confirmation of their participation.

If you are a supervisor and would like to submit a new project for consideration, please follow the submission button. Neither the students nor project supervisors will receive any extra funding for these projects.

Examples of previous short duration projects:

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Projects currently available for application

Please click on the title of the project to read more and use the link below to apply.

Supervisor Area Title Type Venue Duration Time required Student requirements
Dr John Green Gastroenterology Options in Various Topics Related to Gastroenterology or Endoscopy Specifics to be finalised after application Anywhere 2-3 hours Variable All students in any year including Intercalated BSc
Dr James Glasbey and Various Surgery, Anaesthesia, Critical Care, Surgical Education, Simulation, Medical Education Letter writing: gaining a foothold in medical literature Letters-to-the-editor Anywhere 2-3 hours 1 week Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Intercalated BSc
Dr Yuxin Cui Cancer Research Mechanisms of Tumour Metastasis Specifics to be finalised after application Anywhere 2-3 hours 8 weeks Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Intercalated BSc
Dr Jonathan Hewitt Geriatric Medicine Epidemiology of the older surgical patient Part of a long-running surgical audit, data collection and analysis Anywhere 4 hours 12-16 weeks Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Intercalated BSc

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