Project Funding Opportunities 2020

Take a look at some of the opportunities to get funding to support you in your research endeavours!

The Association of Physicians

The deadline for applications is midnight on 28 February 2020

The supervisor must be a current member of The Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland.
Applications to be received by 28 February 2019 for consideration by the Executive committee
The decision of the committee shall be final
Studentships can be taken up from June 2019
Successful applicants are expected to present a poster of their work at the AoP Meeting in Spring 2020



Amgen Scholars Program

8-10 weeks

Summer Studentship

Can apply to different Universities in Europe and Japan

Amount depends on which University

1st February 2020

Association of Clinical Pathologists

Up to 6 weeks

Student Research Fund and/or Intercalation Grant

Up to £150/week; maximum total is £1000 (and others)

Applications open throughout 2019

Biochemical Society

6 weeks

Summer Studentship

£279 per week

28th February 2020

British Association of Dermatologists – BAD Project Grant


6th January and 6th May 2020

British Society for Cell Biology

Up to 8 weeks

Summer Studentship


April 1st 2020

British Society for Developmental Biology

8 weeks

Gurdon Studentships, 10 available


March 31st 2020

British Society for Immunology Summer Placement Award Scheme

Up to £1500

Applications open throughout 2020

British Society for Neuroendocrinology

8 weeks

Undergraduate Student Laboratory Experience

Grants £140/week (£160/week London)

1st April 2020

Caltech’s SURF

10 weeks, mid-June to late August

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship


22nd February 2020

Cardiff University

Up to 8 weeks

Cardiff Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (Cardiff students only)

Up to £262.50

Depend on project – Details to be released March 2020

Experimental Pyschology society

10 weeks

Summer Studentship


1st March 2020

Imperial College London

6-10 weeks

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme

£170-£220/week (some students £300)

15th February 2020

Institute of cancer research

6-8 weeks Vacation Scholarship


Opens Jan 2020

Neuropathological society — Small grant award scheme


Close March 1st and September 1st 2020

Pathological Society

Up to 8 weeks

Undergraduate Bursary (Need to be Undergraduate Society members)


27th February 2020 and 28th April 2020

Society for Endocrinology

Up to 10 weeks

Summer Studentships


Up to £1000 for consumables

18th March 2020

Society for General Microbiology

6-8 weeks

Harry Smith Vacation Studentship


Possibly £400 for specific research costs

Deadline 17th February 2020

Society for Reproduction & Fertility

Up to 8 weeks

Vacation Scholarship

£250/week and £1000 award to host laboratory

28th October

The Genetics Society

Up to 8 weeks

Summer Studentship

£200/week to student £750 to cover expenses incurred by the host laboratory (must be justified)

Deadline 31st March 2020

The Physiological Society

Up to 8 weeks

Undergraduate Vacation Studentship Scheme (Supervisors should be Ordinary Members of The Society)

£200/week for students living away from home; £100/week for students living at home

Applications open 2020

University College London

Up to 8 weeks

CHRAT Summer Studentship


8th March 2020 (tbc)

University of Oregon

10 weeks

UO Summer Program for Undergraduate Research

Must supply most of own funding

16th December 2019

University of York

6-8 weeks

Undergraduate Summer Projects

Need to find source of funding

Applications open throughout 2020

Wellcome Trust

6-8 weeks

Biomedical Vacation Scholarships

£250/week; research expenses not provided.

14th February 2020