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What does it take to change patient care?

The Right Person & An Idea

Develop and implement your idea with the right clinical support and expertise.

Cardiff University Clinical Innovation Group is a medical student led group working with the Cardiff university clinical innovation partnership which is a joint venture of Cardiff University and the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

Any medical student with an idea to improve some aspect of patient care is encouraged to submit a brief outline of their idea and the problem they wish to address and then they are paired with a the most suitable doctor to develop the idea and ultimately support the implementation of it within the local health board.

Our founding principle is to support the development of ideas whilst trying to minimise the associated bureaucracy that comes with changing an element of healthcare. This will be achieved through partnering with the Cardiff University Innovation partnership; Quality Improvement leads at the all Welsh UHBs and also through forming links with key innovators in every medical speciality.

Interested? Email introducing yourself to be added to our Facebook group. Alternatively Email us if you have an idea and we will arrange a slot for you to pitch to the multidisciplinary innovation team.

Click here to learn about the ideas we are currently helping students to develop.