INSPIRE Vacation Studentships


The Cardiff INspire Vacation studentships scheme

Aims. The Cardiff INspire Vacation studentship scheme aims to give the best students the opportunity to pursue a research project over a 6 week period between June 1st and October 1st during their vacation time.

Funding. Funding for projects is for 6 weeks at £180/week (total £1080) to cover subsistence over this period and does not include consumables or other project costs. Funding is provided from different sources – some from a central Wellcome Inspire grant, and some from the budget of the Divisions of the School of Medicine. Where funding is provided by Divisions, the project needs to be conducted with a supervisor from that Division. For the central Inspire grant funded project, any project within the Schools of Medicine and Dentistry is eligible.

Other schemes that support vacation studentships. Note that vacation studentship funding is also available form a wide range of other sources including the Cardiff University CURoP scheme ( – this has an early closing date (Jan 14th 2019) and a wide range of external funders including the Wellcome Trust and Association of Physicians (see list on INspire section of CUReS website ( The Cardiff INspire vacation studentship scheme is separate from these schemes and separate applications are required.

Timeline for 2019

Application and selection process. Students apply using the application form which must include a reference of support from the supervisor. The form provides information on the student and the project they are applying for. If the student is interested in a project advertised by a particular Division, the student should approach the supervisor of that project to complete this form.

All applications will be scored independently by a panel comprising the Inspire leads from each of the Divisions and Prof Dayan (School Inspire Lead) using the agreed scoring system. Students will then be ranked in order of score offered funding for their projects as follows:

  1. A cut off rank level of fundability is set.
  2. The highest ranked students above this level who have applied to Division funded projects are awarded these projects in order of rank.
  3. The highest ranked remaining students are awarded Wellcome Funded Inspire Vacation studentships (2 for 2019).

Cardiff Inspire Vacation Studentships 2019

  • Below are listed the number of studentships available for projects to be carried out in specific Divisions of the School of Medicine.
  • Note that any project with a supervisor in the defined Division is eligible. Some Divisions have supervisors who have suggested particular research areas in which students are welcome to apply with them for a vacation studentship (listed below), but other student lead projects from the same division are equally eligible.
  • The Inspire studentships can be used for any project.

To apply fill in this document: INSPIRE-Vacation-Studentship-2019-Application-Form-blank-copy and email to by 15th March.

Information regarding 2020 applications will be available soon…