If you wish to contact any of us, please email with your query and it will be forwarded on to the relevant committee member.

Paul McEnhill

Paul has a BSc (Hons) in Cellular and Molecular Pathology, and is currently in his 4th year of the MBBCh at Cardiff University. He has been a CUReS committee member for 3 years and has previously been Academic Chair of Cardiff MedSoc. His research interests include Sepsis, Cancer Biology, human factors and healthcare improvement.

Joe Finney 
Vice President

Joe is a fifth year medical student who intercalated in Development, Regeneration and Stem Cells at Edinburgh University; for his dissertation project he studied dopaminergic neuron regeneration in a zebrafish model. His research interests include regenerative and genetic medicine.

Sara Pradhan
Events Lead 

Sara is a 4th year medical student with a research interest in acute medicine and safeguarding

Pakinee Pooprasert 
Projects Committee

Gargi Pandey
Events Lead 

Gargi is a 4th year medical student and this is my first year in the CuRes committee. I intercalated in clinical epidemiology last year. My dissertation was on developmental delay in children born to teenage mothers, at 24 months; and the effectiveness of home-visitation programmes on the cognitive and language development of children up to the age of 24 months.

Robert Spencer
Events Committee

Nadeesha Thilakaratne 
Events Committee

Nadeesha is a 5th year medical student at Cardiff University. She attained a BSc in Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London. She did her final year project on novel therapies against hormone sensitive breast cancer cells. Her research interests include haematology and oncology.

Chiemeka Okeke
Innovation lead

Mimi is a 4th year medical student at Cardiff Uniersity. She intercalated in clinical epidemiology last year, during which she did a research project looking at the rate and type of prescribing in South Wales care homes and its impact on clinical outcomes. Her research interests include medical education.

Sanchita Bhatia
Innovation Committee 

Sanchita is a second year medical student in Cardiff University. Her research interests are cancer and surgical innovation.

James Lloyd
Inspire & Publication Lead

Momina Ahmed 
Web & Communications Lead

Momina is currently intercalating in Medical Genetics at Cardiff University. Her research interests are in genetics and oncology.

I moved from the University of Bristol to become Head of Section of the Centre for Endocrine and Diabetes Sciences at Cardiff University in 2010. Research in my group focuses on two areas of Diabetes and Metabolism, Type 1 diabetes and thyroid disease. I have a particular interest in designing and developing medium and large scale clinical studies to address key issues in translational medicine in these areas. Since 2000 I have been working  in collaboration with Prof Mark Peakman at King’s College London to develop a “diabetes vaccine” to slow or halt the autoimmune process that destroys in the insulin making cells in Type 1 diabetes. We have been developing the approach of Peptide Immunotherapy delivered intradermally to promote tolerance to beta cell antigens without the risks of immunosuppression. A large panel of T cell peptide epitopes recognised by individuals with newly-diagnosed Type 1 diabetes has now been identified and in 2008 we completed a first-in-man phase 1a study with a leading candidate peptide derived from Proinsulin. We are leading on multicentre later phase studies of this approach as well as techniques to optimise the ability of antigen presenting cells in the skin to promote tolerance following peptide administration. We have an interest in optimising the immunotherapy and clinical management of the disfiguring and distressing complication of Graves’ disease know as Thyroid Eye Disease. A large multicentre UK study is underway (, while at the same time our department is exploring the key role of the orbital pre-adipocyte in the pathogenesis of this disease.



Professor Paul Morgan
Society Patron

Llanelli-born Professor Paul Morgan graduated from the University of Wales, College of Medicine in 1980. Following his early medical training in Cardiff, he specialised in Clinical Biochemistry obtaining his PhD in 1984. Following two years in the US developing his research skills, Professor Morgan returned to Cardiff University to take up a lectureship in Clinical Biochemistry. He won the prestigious Wellcome Trust Senior Clinical Fellowship in 1987, and remained a Fellow for 15 years. In 2001, he was appointed Head of Medical Biochemistry and Immunology in the former University of Wales College of Medicine. Post-merger with Cardiff University, he was appointed Dean of Medical Research in the School of Medicine from 2007, responsible for developing the School’s Medical Research strategy.  He became Dean of Medicine and Head of the School of Medicine from April 2009. Professor Morgan is a research specialist in Clinical Immunology and has created an internationally respected research group at Cardiff working in Complement Biology. He has published over 300 research papers and reviews and remains research-active, particularly in the role of complement in neurological and degenerative diseases.  A full list of Professor Morgan’s publications and research interests is available on the Medical School Website.